Gerald Green – No One Dunks Better

Gerald Green

No longer someone who actually cared about the dunk contest, Gerald Green saves his best for actual games, proving he still has the hops not to mention what seems to be improving overall skills as he’s part of the surprising season for the Phoenix Suns, and from time to time proving he is the best in-game dunker in the NBA.

His latest “victims” happened to be two really good dunkers themselves: Kenneth Faried and J.J. Hickson, as the Suns beat Denver 112-107, with Green scoring 36 points (career best). He’s doing extremely well this season for the Suns, averaging a career high 14.6 points per game. He’s been extremely productive since Eric Bledsoe went down with an injury, averaging 15.9 points per game in January and 18.3 in February.

Green’s first dunk came right off the bat as Goran Dragic saw him coming from the wing and provided the perfect pass for Green to leap over and beyond the athletic Faried, dunking just out of reach for the forward.

A few minutes later it was Green making the most of P.J. Tucker missing a layup. Green simply came from behind and jumped over J.J. Hickson for the putback slam in another pair of very impressive dunks, something that is pretty much a signature move for Green throughout his NBA career.

He is the 2004 Dunk champion but this season has been about a lot more than just acrobatics above the rim. Green left the NBA in 2009 and played in Russia for two years. It seems like the time there has done wonders for him, especially when given the chance to play more than a fringe role. He’s shooting 38.5% for the Suns from beyond the arc this season, and there are those who think he deserves to win the most improved player award for what he’s been doing on the surprising Suns.

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