Gervinho – Another Miss of the Season for Him


Few players are capable of producing a miss that’s worthy to be called the worst of the season and minutes manage to make a very difficult situation into a goal. AS Roma have that kind of player in Gervinho, who never ceases to amaze with his ups and downs coming in a matter of minutes.

Roma beat Catania 4-0, with Gervinho finally scoring. It’s been almost three months since his last goal, as his brilliant start for Roma was halted by an injury that kept him off the pitch for three weeks, not to mention the usual drop in his ability that always comes after solid starts to the season. Just ask Arsenal fans.

Gervinho made a name for himself as someone who easily creates chances for himself and others, but finds it quite difficult to finish, especially since leaving Lille. After a Totti shot was parried by Catania’s goalkeeper, Gervinho was first to the ball from a comfortable angle, without anyone to disturb him. Some people call this a situation that’s more difficult to miss from than to actually score.

Gervinho missed, rocking the post. Luckily for him, another bad touch from him later on resulted in the fourth goal, finding himself in another one on one situation. He miscued the shot, but it still had enough elevation to rise above the keeper and land in the net, finishing the 4-0 win, keeping Roma five points behind Juventus.

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