Golden State Warriors – Great Even When They Don’t Have to Be

Warriors beat Mavericks

The Golden State Warriors keep winning (12 in a row) despite clinching home court advantage, probably because they are having a historical season, and don’t want to slow down although a win more or less in the regular season won’t help them win the NBA championship, beating the Dallas Mavericks 123-110.

Their latest victims were the Dallas Mavericks, another team without too much to play for. The Mavs might not like it, but they’re going to finish 7th in the West, not close enough to the Thunder-Pelicans battle for 8th but already falling too far behind the Spurs, Clippers and Blazers, battling it out for the 4-5-6 seeds. They’re still unsure if it’s the Rockets or Grizzlies they’ll be facing in the next round.

And maybe it’s all about trying to secure Stephen Curry’s MVP award. The biggest debate in the league right now happens to be who gets to finish first in the individual race voting. Curry is the best player on the best team, but is he the best in the league? Did he have the best season? Is he the most valuable player to his team? Those are the factors, and his 11 points in 27 minutes didn’t help the cause.

Klay Thompson led the Warriors with 21 points including going 5-of-10 from beyond the arc. The Warriors had plenty of time to let the bench players run wild, something the Mavericks did as well, not wearing down most of their starters except for Monta Ellis who finished after logging 33 minutes.

Andre Iguodala scored 18 points and so did Marreese Speights, only he did it in 10 minutes. Three more players finished in double figures, in a game that demonstrated¬†just how easily the Warriors can put up points regardless of their lineup, and what a big defensive problem the Mavericks have going into the playoff, although Chandler Parsons didn’t play, giving them some sort of a pass.

The Warriors are making history, reaching 63 wins and with a chance to finish with 69. Only three teams in NBA history have won 69 games or more in the regular season – The Bulls in 1997, the Lakers in 1972 and the Bulls in 1996. All of them won the NBA title that year. The best regular season not to end with an NBA title was the Celtics’ 68-win season in 1973, losing in the Eastern conference finals to the New York Knicks.

The Mavericks have a 67-win season that ended with a humiliating first round loss to the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs, the most successful team in NBA history to not even make it past a single playoff round.

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