Golden State Warriors – Stephen Curry Putting on Shows & Breaking Records

Stephen Curry

While the Portland Trail Blazers had something to play for, the Golden State Warriors didn’t and still won 116-105, on the way providing the platform for Stephen Curry to improve his MVP case and break the single-season 3-pointers record.

Curry hit 8-of-13 from beyond the arc to make it to 276 this season (and it’s not over yet), setting a new NBA record for three-pointers made in a single season, breaking the previous record of 272, owned by him, set two seasons ago in a season finale against Portland. This year he has a very good chance to push it into the 280’s and who knows, maybe even reach 300 if he goes on a successful spree until the end of the season.

Curry scored 45 points overall in the team’s 64th win of the season, stopping their rare and short losing streak (two games). Will Steve Kerr rest his players now? Hard to say. Maybe he’s afraid of pre-playoff rust for his stars and starters, or maybe he thinks that because the Warriors had so many blowouts this season which meant resting starters and especially Curry (only 32.8 minutes per game), they’ve had enough rest.

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