15 Sizzlin’ Babes to Perfectly Wrap Up October

McKenna Berkley 2

As October comes to an end, it’s not just about Halloween for us – it’s also about beautiful women in minimal clothing, but still keeping it sorta family friendly.

So who is featured in our late-October edition?

Familiar names that have shown up here once or twice, like McKenna Berkley, Barbara Palvin and Alexis Ren. Meanwhile, we get to encounter (and happy about it) some new faces, such as Kristina Mendonca, Tatyana Mityushina and Viki Odintcova, among others. They’re all lovely, new and “old”. 

As always, the ladies Instagram links are above each photo. Enjoy!

McKenna Berkley – At the Doorstep

McKenna Berkley

Elsa Hosk – Time for Bed

Elsa Hosk

Martha Hunt – Covering the Belly Button

Martha Hunt

Kristina Mendonca – White Lingerie

Kristina Mendonca

Tatyana Mityushina – From the Side

Tatyana Mityushina

Viki Odintcova – Diving Platform

Viki Odintcova

Barbara Palvin – Ceiling Fan Angle

Barbara Palvin

Steph Rayner – Catching Some Sun

Steph Rayner

Alexis Ren – Red Over Black

Alexis Ren

Carmella Rose – Strategically Placed Strips

Carmella Rose

Yulia Rose – Wind’s Howling

Yulia Rose

Josephine Skriver – Raiders Fan?

Josephine Skriver

Kianna Stupakoff – Brightly lit Room

Kianna Stupakoff

Ann-Sophie Thieme – Pull Up

Ann-Sophie Thieme

Ella Mai Weisskamp – Squint & Derp

Ella Mai Weiskamp