Houston Rockets – Chris Bosh Closer to Pushing Jeremy Lin Out the Door

Jeremy Lin

One must make room for the other. As Chris Bosh gets closer to signing a max contract with the Houston Rockets, Jeremy Lin is getting closer to being traded away, probably to the Philadelphia 76ers, in order to make cap room for the arrival of Bosh.

Even with Lin and his $8.3 million cap hit gone (along with a $15 million salary), the Rockets can’t give Bosh the true $96 million, four-year maximum. They can “only” give him $88 million over four years, but that’s better in terms of average per season than what the Miami Heat seem to be willing to give him. Bosh is willing to take a pay cut in order to stay with the Heat: Around $80-90 million over five years. The Heat are trying to make him sign for even less, leaving them with more cap space.

Jeremy Lin, who began his career in Houston as their big signing next to Omer Asik in their building towards a new future was pushed down the pecking order as time went on. First James Harden came via trade, making Lin something of a shooting guard and most of the time playing in the wrong position without the ball in his hands, and eventually became a sixth man, with Patrick Beverley taking over his starting role despite not showing any indication that he’s a better player.

Bosh still seems to be waiting to see what James does. The same goes for Carmelo Anthony who is still torn between New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. But a source suggesting Bosh has spoken to James and he has no idea whether or not LeBron intends to return to Miami. Combine that with the low-balling from the Heat, and Chris Bosh is getting closer and closer to playing for Houston, who have two All-Star waiting for him to join.

Hard to say if it’s a good or bad move for Bosh, but it’s probably overpaying for the Rockets. Instead of turning away from the superstar overload thing, which has actually only worked for one team and that’s because they had LeBron James, teams keep running into the allure of having big name players while forgetting about role players and the bench. Just ask the San Antonio Spurs how they won their championship: With the right fits, or by loading the roster with max contracts.

Jeremy Lin will be better off, probably. A clean slate after two years of playing next to a ball hog and selfish player, not to mention a head coach who has zero confidence and faith in him. Who knows, maybe the Rockets will make the right signing this offseason and won’t remember Lin or the draft pick they’ll add to his deal were ever theirs. The only thing that’s certain is that Lin should be more appreciated on a different team.

Image: Source