Houston Rockets – Chris Bosh is the Free Agent They Want

Chris Bosh

The Houston Rockets have been chasing that third All-Star player for over a season. Chris Bosh still hasn’t given up on the Miami Heat completely, but with every day of indecision from LeBron James, Bosh is getting closer to leaving the Heat for good and joining the Rockets.

No more Carmelo Anthony, and no dreaming about LeBron James. The Houston Rockets want Chris Bosh to be their big free agency signing, even if Bosh is looking for a max contract, which means $96 million over four years, which sounds like a lot for a player who has been a third-scoring option over the last four seasons on the Miami Heat. But the Rockets have repeated quite a few times on their willingness to spend and go over the luxury tax if it means becoming a champions-caliber team.

Bosh is waiting for LeBron James to make up his mind. It seems simple: If James comes back to the Heat, Bosh is willing to return as well, even for less money. But the more James hides his true intentions and waits to hear what each team has to offer, the closer Bosh gets to thinking it’s time for him to leave, despite stating more than once that he would love to go back to the Heat and play next to James and Wade.

The Rockets are dreaming of a starting five that includes James Harden, Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh and Chandler Parsons. Parsons is a restricted free agent, but the Rockets will probably match whatever is offered to him (the Mavs are very much interested in him) and go beyond the luxury tax in order to create their All-Star starting five, with Patrick Beverley joining them in the backcourt.

Still, it’s going to take a trade of Jeremy Lin and his $8.3 million cap hit (with $15 million salary) to make it happen. The Philadelphia 76ers are interested, willing to take on Lin’s salary if he comes with a first round draft pick and probably more. Lin, a point guard who has been playing more as a shooting guard since pairing up with James Harden in the backcourt of the Rockets seems to have accepted his fate, simply waiting for the announcement of which team he’s going to play for next.

Bosh doesn’t just give the Rockets and All-Star they’re looking for, but a stretch four big man Morey has been trying to acquire with some very good defensive capabilities to complement Dwight Howard. However, Bosh might not be exactly a max-contract worthy player, and there might be some issues in terms of the softness of this froncourt. It all depends on the decision LeBron James makes, but Bosh is more and more inclined on returning to his home state and play for the Rockets.

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