Casillas vs Mourinho – Only Real Madrid Lose

No one is bigger than the club. Jose Mourinho often thinks he is, but that’s usually when things start to go South. Iker Casillas, with all of his achievements, is not an untouchable, perfect goalkeeper. It’s OK to bench him. However, with everything reeking from some stupid ego war, Real Madrid are the big losers from this. Mourinho is next in line, while Iker Casillas’ position just grows stronger.

Was Iker Casillas the main reason Real Madrid have found themselves practically out of the La Liga title race? Nope. He hasn’t been in stellar form this season, but to suddenly bench a player who hasn’t been benched for over a decade; a Champions League, World Cup and Euro winner (as captain), without any good reason but what seems to be dressing quarrels is just an insane move. A move born from megalomania  or from the knowledge of his next move, which very soon will lead him out of Real Madrid.

Adan isn’t someone who has made it difficult for Casillas to stay between the posts. Maybe this was a move to create some sort of anxiousness in one of the world’s best goalkeepers, but that’s unlikely. Mourinho has been about ego moves and ego trips all season. As every ball went into the Real Madrid net went towards the face of Casillas. Unhappy about his benching, but surely, some part of him was happy that the manager he no longer respects and believes in, according to some sources, failed in his quarter gutsy, mostly foolish move?

Where do Real Madrid go from here? A lot of garbage time. Making decisions right off the bat, fresh from this defeat, wouldn’t be wise, and probably won’t happen. It’s going to be one big shock if Jose Mourinho suddenly gets the boot for pushing Casillas out of the lineup, with it blowing up in his face. But it’s just another step in what looks like his last season with the club. The board probably didn’t like it, and most of the players, from that half of the dressing room, aren’t going to be bigger fans of their big mouthed manager all of a sudden.

It just seems like a decision has been made, irrelevant to what’s good for the team. Just what’s good for Mourinho. If it would’ve worked, he’d be a genius once again. If not, it just sets up excuses for him to use once his tenure ends, about a dressing room leader who turned against him. No one wins. Real Madrid lose the match, the title, and a whole lot more, too much to ignore.

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