LeBron James Reminding Everyone He’s a Liverpool FC Part Owner

Liverpool Scarf LeBron James

It’s the offseason, and LeBron James seems bored. So why not stir up some excitement in regards to the team he’s a minority owner of, Liverpool FC?

James, who has a deal with FSG (Fenway Sports Group), the owners of the club, posted on Facebook, welcoming the Reds to the United States, with their American summer tour of friendly matches, including playing in the International Champions Cup with Chelsea, AC Milan and Barcelona, and hinting he might suit up for them.

And obviously, this caught everyone’s attention. Posting a photo of a #6 jersey, which on a day-to-day basis belongs to Dejan Lovren, Liverpool’s centre back. Lovren has already said he wouldn’t mind giving James the number if he actually suits up to play a few minutes.

The matches won’t be held in Cleveland or anywhere near Ohio, LeBron’s home state. Liverpool will play two matches in California and one in St. Louis. But this is the offseason, and James has the time to at least come and watch them play, take some photos with the lads, and who knows, maybe show the world what a 6’8, 250 lbs soccer player looks like.

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