Jacksonville Jaguars – Blaine Gabbert Reaching Historically Bad Levels

The cloud of pessimism continues to hang over everything the Jacksonville Jaguars do, as their quarterback Blaine Gabbert posted historically terrible numbers in the Week 1 loss, while punter Bryan Anger set a new franchise record with 11 punt kicks during the game.

How bad was Gabbert? He did play injured, an injury that will keep him out from the next game (Chad Henne will replace him), but there’s not a whole lot of optimism to be shared at the moment among those supporting the Jags.

Kansas City Chiefs v Jacksonville Jaguars

In the 28-2 loss Jacksonville managed only 178 yards of total offense. Gabbert? He finished with 16 of 35, throwing for 121 yards and getting sacked six times. Again, there’s pretty much something wrong on this team at every level, but having a quarterback no one believes in doesn’t really help.

Gabbert has now had two career games with an adjusted yards per attempt average of 0.9. The fact that Bryan Anger had to punt the ball 11 times, as the offense managed only 12 first downs for the entire game, as Gabbert also threw two interceptions and never really got his team into a situation from which they can score tells it all.

It’s going to be another terrible season for the Jaguars, who couldn’t get much worse from last year but they still might. The threat of leaving the city will only grow stronger, and as long as there’s a weak offensive line that can’t protect a quarterback everyone is pretty sure of doesn’t belong in a stating position in the NFL, good things aren’t going to happen for this team.