Jason Campbell is The Best Quarterback They’ve Had in Ages

Jason Campbell

The season began with Brandon Weeden, went on to Brian Hoyer, then to Jason Campbell, back to Weeden and now Hoyer again. The wins aren’t coming no matter who is the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns since Hoyer’s injury, but the numbers suggest Campbell isn’t only the best quarterback they have right now, but also the best they’ve had in a very long time.

Campbell has only one win in his five starts, but he has already thrown for over 1000 yards this season (1324), with nine touchdowns and only three interceptions. With a passer rating of 88, he is the first Browns quarterback with a passer rating of over 88 and 1000 yards in one season since Bernie Kosar back in the 1987 season.

Has it been that bad for the Browns over the years? Yes, and yes again. Derek Anderson did reach the Pro Bowl in 2007, but he didn’t do that with the most incredible set of numbers in the world. Tim Couch didn’t do very well either, among the long list of quarterbacks who usually didn’t last very long in the starting position.

Weeden? A first round draft pick as a 29-year old rookie, and not the savoir of this franchise. He had a rough rookie season and an even tougher time as he’s lost the starting job twice since the beginning of the season. He is completing only 52.8% of his passes, throwing nine touchdowns and nine interceptions. At the end of the season, unless something quite bewildering happens, he’s gone.

Hoyer? He’s 28, and won’t be coming back this season after his injury. He did lead the Browns to two victories and started in the third of them, but it’s hard to say they see him as the future of his franchise. The same goes for Campbell, who is 31 and is proving that he’s not just a solid backup but might be good enough to be a starter for some teams. But the Browns are in rebuilding mode (again…), so it’s unlikely that they’ll keep him on with a designation to be their starter.

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