15 Sexy Yet Harmless Jennifer Lawrence Photos

Jennifer Lawrence Photo

After pretty much a month of silence after her nude photos were leaked online, Jennifer Lawrence will have her reaction get spread through an interview on Vanity Fair. You might be surprised, but not all of her photos are NSFW.

Not everything she says in that upcoming piece is completely smart, but it’s hard to mock her for some of the things she said: She’s a woman who has been violated, and it’s her right to be less than completely perfect and exact in her reaction to what she calls a Sex Crime.

A beautiful woman, one of the biggest stars in the world of film, an Oscar winner, and now also someone that probably most males (and women) with access to the Internet have seen her in her most private and intimate moments.

The Fappenning went by and soon will be forgotten. That’s the nature of these things. She’ll survive, and despite her fears, it won’t hurt her career.

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