Jeremy Evans With the Alley-Oop Dunk of the Season

The only time we ever hear about Jeremy Evans is around the dunk contest, while the Utah Jazz hardly use him most of the season. He didn’t get too much playing time again in the win over the Portland Trail Blazers, but in the few minutes he was on the floor he managed to pull off the best alley-oop dunk of this season.

With only 3 minutes of playing time, you have to do something memorable. So while Jamaal Tinsley was leading the Jazz down the court during garbage time, en route to a 112-102 win over the Blazers, Evans ran on the wing, with Tinsley spotting him from before the three point line. He simply tossed in the air in what looked like a weird and dumb play to make, while Evans chased down the ball and slammed it home from quite a distance.

Evans is averaging only 6.1 minutes a night this season, his playing time limited to the end of games, hoping to make an impression like he has in dunk contests. The Western Kentucky former player averages only 2.1 points per game this season, still pulling off the most memorable basket of the Jazz’ fifth consecutive win.