Jeremy Lin, the Atlanta Hawks Chronicles – Game 18

Words matter, but not always. To describe the best performance by Jeremy Lin in Atlanta Hawks uniform and perhaps one of his finest in the NBA despite yet another loss for the Atlanta Hawks doesn’t do it justice. It’s best to watch the highlights.

So how good was Lin? Practically flawless. He played 26 minutes, scored 26 points, made 11-of-13 field goal attempts and 4-for-5 from three. Maybe most impressive was Lin hitting 11 in a row to finish the game after missing his first two attempts.

Buy maybe just writing down the numbers, flat & dry, doesn’t completely pass along the quality and efficiency of his performance. Neither does the 0 in the plus/minus column, a compliment considering he was thrown into the game after the Hawks were already way behind. Lin, as the TV guys kept saying, was the only reason the Hawks felt they’re somewhat in the vicinity of the Toronto Raptors, eventually losing 124-108. Nine straight losses for the 3-15 Hawks (worst losing streak in the league), with their average points differential this season (-11.2) also worst in the league.

Hours after we wrote this about Lin, he puts on a show that brings to light something every GM and NBA fan should know: There are very few players in the NBA right now who can produce points off the bench like Lin, who’s flying high in confidence, creativity and most importantly, on-court execution.

Jeremy Lin
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Averages following this game: 11 points per game, 2.8 assists, 50.4% from the field, 42% from three, 86.5% from the line, playing 18.2 minutes through 18 games. The last time he scored 26 points was the last time he played for the Nets in the 2016-2017 season, which is pretty much that last time he played for the Nets.