Jeremy Lin, the Atlanta Hawks Chronicles – Game 4

The Atlanta Hawks won their home court debut, beating the Dallas Mavericks behind a stellar performance by Kent Bazemore, while Jeremy Lin had another game that the main takeaway from it is still the same as in the previous ones.

What is it? The Hawks are taking their time with him. Lin played 10 minutes in two stints. The first of them in the first quarter didn’t look good. The second, with the Hawks chipping their way back in the game, was a lot better, including a 3-pointer from Lin and a couple of assists.

Trae Young having a rough shooting night and picking up 4 fouls didn’t help Lin get more minutes, suggesting it’ll be like this for a while. Whether his knee isn’t actually ready to take the load of longer games or the Hawks aren’t ready to test his durability, other players enjoyed the minuted freed up by Young spending only 26 minutes on the court.

When he has the ball, Lin is aggressive. It didn’t result in any free throw or made layups, but he’s looking for the hoop whenever he has an advantage or hint of open lane. Again, no points in the paint on this occasion, but at least his first made 3-pointer of the season. His tre came from a Dewayne Dedmon assist. One of Lin’s assists was to Dedmon on his only 3 of the game.

Jeremy Lin, Maximilian Kleber
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The Hawks have some time to rest before their next game (at home vs the Bulls). After the minute allocation through the first 4 games of the season, more rest doesn’t necessarily mean more minutes for Lin; not at this point.