Jeremy Lin, the Atlanta Hawks Chronicles – Game 6

After a season-high in minutes but poor offensive output for Jeremy Lin, came a season-low in minutes  with a bit more points, in the framework of another Atlanta Hawks loss.

This time? 113-92 to the Philadelphia 76ers, dropping the Hawks to 2-4. Atlanta players shot just 37.2% from the field and 21.6% from beyond the arc. Lin himself? After an 0-for performance against the Bulls, he finished with 6 point in just 9 minutes of basketball, hitting 2 of his 4 shots (0-for-1 from beyond the arc) and adding a couple of rebounds in the little time he was given to work.

For the Hawks, in a season where they’re looking for every possible encounraging sign from Trae Young and Taurean Prince, there was very little to take away from this game. Young finished with 11 points and 8 assists while making just 1 of his 6 3-point attempts; Prince was on a night to forget, shooting just 1-for-11, scoring just 5 points.

From the Lin-focused point of view, there wasn’t anything new and promising to cling to. A slow start, better performance during his later stint or stints in the game, and that’s about it. Plenty of garbage time to give Lin some more mileage, to get into some sort of groove, to feel a bit more “back” for lack of a better term, but instead, it was the most minimalist of Lin features this season.

Hawks lose in Philly
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For the Hawks, I really hope to see some sort of cohesion in their systems on both ends of the floor in the near future. This was always going to be a rough season in terms of wins, but you do want to see some sort of progress. Lin? Hopefully he gets to be a bigger part of whatever the Hawks are doing.