Joey Crawford – Even Mop Boys Can’t Escape His Idiocy

Despite being a below average referee and something of a drama queen who simply loves attention, Joey Crawford remains an NBA referee, which gave him the opportunity to lash out at a kid who mops the floor at basketball games just because his ego allows him to do so.

In the game between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Cleveland Cavaliers last weekend, a beer that spilled on the floor called for a cleaning crew before the ball was inbounded. A kid with a mop came and did his job, but not to Crawford’s liking.

Joey Crawford

The guy finished his job and retreated to his post, but Crawford hounded him and gave him a yell or two, calling for a more extensive clean up crew, and two other guys with towels in their hands rushed to save the day. That didn’t stop Crawford from giving an arrogant and angry stare at the person he thought was responsible for the mess, generating plenty of boos and jeers from the home fans.

It’s one thing trying to play Alpha-Male with ¬†bunch of multi-million making basketball players, who might have a game or night ruined by Crawford’s antics and need for constant attention, but to use the power in his hands to scare off someone who cleans the court is a new low for one of the worst referees the NBA has ever seen, yet somehow refuses to let go of a person who lives to see himself in the headlines instead of trying to let a basketball game run smoothly, fairly and with minimum fuss.