John Lucas Trying to Punch Francisco Garcia

For those of you looking for a nasty fight between NBA players, there’s nothing really to find in this funny moment between John Lucas III and Francisco Garcia.

Lucas, of the Utah Jazz, who were getting blown out by the Houston Rockets (in a game that ended 124-86 in favor of the Houston Rockets), was getting chippy at the top of the key with Garcia, who has a tendency to annoy players with his long arms. Remember Kevin Durant just last week? He didn’t get a technical for sniping at Garcia for nothing, although it probably had something to do with his growing ego.

Anyhow… Lucas got tired of Garcia’s antics and decided to take it to street justice, on the NBA floor. He throws what seems to be an attempt at a punch, while Garcia goes into his hockey mode, puts his arms up, more or less, getting ready for quick boxing fight while Lucas edges him to come at him.

Nothing actually happens but two peacocks flaunting their feathers, in a moment that looked more hilarious than scary, and provided some comic relief while the Jazz needed something to humor themselves by through the depression of this loss to the Rockets and this awful season.

Houston now end their losing streak and improve to 45-22, 5.5 games behind the Spurs for the lead in the West. The Jazz hit rock bottom in the conference at 22-46, losing  their last five games and winning only once in their last 10.