Jonas Eriksson Gives AC Milan & Mario Balotelli A Penalty That Doesn’t Exist

Awful referee decisions continue to hurt the top competitions of European competitions, as Jonas Eriksson gifts AC Milan a penalty kick in injury time which was converted by Mario Balotelli to save a point against Ajax, even though Balotelli was the one who fouled Mike van der Hoorn and not the other way around.

We can’t talk enough about the need for a replay assistant or something of the sorts to referees, who can’t see everything, although some of them, like Eriksson, simply see things the wrong way. Mario Balotelli wasn’t touched by van der Hoorn, who came on 15 minutes earlier. Similar to the Real Madrid penalty against Elche not too long ago, Balotelli pulled down the defender, but got the benefit of the doubt.

Balotelli, obviously, was the one who stepped up to take the penalty kick, scoring for AC Milan in the 94th minute to give them a 1-1 draw they didn’t deserve in Ajax. This keeps Milan undefeated in the group with 4 points, two behind Barcelona, while Ajax get their first point of the competition, but probably missed out on the two points that could have been the most vital for them to keep their chances of reaching the second place alive.