José Martínez Gullota Bites Damian Lizio in the Back

Maybe the popularity of vampire movies is leading to an increase in biting incidents among footballer, as José Martínez Gullota of Boca Unidos in the Primera B division in Argentina decided to try and taste the back of Damian Lizio, a player from Union Santa Fe.

It hasn’t been a very good season for Gullota and Boca Unidos so far, ranked 14 in the second tier of Argentinian football. Even though their 4-4 draw away from home against Santa Fe should be considered a good result (Union are 5th in the division), Gullota’s reaction might cost him, and his team, dearly in the near future.

What was Gullota so angry about? Not quite clear. He and Lizio, the Santa Fe striker, collided in the air but it didn’t seem to be violent or dirty in any way. Maybe Gullota thought otherwise, and decided he’ll teach Lizio some kind of lesson. Maybe it was simply a moment of insanity and loss of control. In any case, that bite, something you never seem to expect when you’re watching a football match, no matter the level, is going to be quite costly for the shamed goalkeeper.

Suddenly, Luis Suarez doesn’t seem that bad. Suspended for 10 matches after biting Branislav Ivanovic, Suarez has really seemed to turn things around for him this season, scoring 8 goals so far in six matches for Liverpool, and somewhat getting rid of his tendency to dive at every opportunity.