Jose Mourinho Loves Lying & Being a Bad Winner

Jose mourinho

Football managers don’t tell the truth. They say whats serves themselves and their team. Not all are like this, but the successful ones are usually are. Jose Mourinho knows Liverpool were robbed and wronged by a clear foul Smauel Eto’o performed on Luis Suarez. However, being the classy person he is, he preferred gloating in his victory and then calling the Uruguayan player a diver and a cheat.

He forgot about Oscar trying to break Lucas Leiva with a late challenge. He forgot about Eto’o deserving to get a red card right after the kickoff, challenging Jordan Henderson and luckily not injuring him. Mourinho is the worst critic of referees, FAs and opponents when he loses, but he’s hardly more gracious as a winner, never seeing an end to a rivalry, or any reason to cease bringing down an opponent.

Mourinho didn’t win against Liverpool because of some tactical genius or his psychological wars before the match. He simply has a better team and a deeper squad. While Liverpool continue to run with the same lineup more or less, Chelsea and others (Manchester City) had the option of making necessary changes without losing too much quality. Mourinho probably enjoyed the best first half this season from Chelsea as they came back from an early goal down to beat Liverpool 2-1.

Luis Suarez

His reaction after the ugly 0-0 draw with Arsenal? Pretty much the same. Everyone loves to whine, but he knows what fair football is. He knows when referees are right. Ramires diving? Maybe the whole world saw it, but Mourinho knows what really happened, without even seeing the replay.

Alex Ferguson was the same, only he was around for so long he commanded a certain respect to his nonexistent class. Mourinho is made of the same material. Awful to the world when he loses because he obviously got screwed by everyone, and stingy in victory, twisting reality and words into something that never actually happened, just so he can make it seem like he knows better than everyone.

Chelsea are a great team, or on its way to be one. So were Real Madrid. However, Jose Mourinho failed, overall, with the latter, when you sum up all three seasons. He’s doing OK with his current team, not more. In order to make it seem like he’s doing a much better job than he actually is, his ability with words and world shaping is necessary, even if it means lying with a straight face to everyone.

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