Jose Mourinho Wants to Cry at Chelsea After Real Madrid

So, are Real Madrid royally screwed by the La Liga, giving them less days to rest between matches when compared with Barcelona? As you might have guessed, no. Jose Mourinho keeps on making excuses, and waiting for the manager position at Chelsea to open up for him in a few months.

Should he leave? Probably. It always seems as Mourinho is practicing some sort of scorched earth tactic in Madrid, at least when it comes to personal relationships with players and the club’s management. He probably would like to win a title or two before he leaves – a Copa Del Rey, a Champions League trophy. Why? Because he wants to be remembered as great, as the manager who won the title with three different teams. No other reason.

And what about the team he couldn’t win it with? Is there a job waiting for him there? Chelsea have changed quite a bit since his days, helping transform a sympathetic West London team, always nibbling at the top of English football, into one of the most dominant sides in Europe.

Asteriks – that comes with Roman Abramovich’s money, and Roman Abramovich’s decision making. The manager, in recent seasons, has no say in new players and pretty much the direction this club is going. The man pulling the strings are usually Yes-Men for the owner, a man, who when it comes down to it, doesn’t know much about football. Not a surprise when you look at the unbalanced team Chelsea have brought together this season.

Mourinho will not go to a team he can’t spend money in. It’s looking like Chelsea – Rafa Benitez is an interim choice at Chelsea, and all hints point to Abramovich looking for a “sexier” name once the season is over, depending on how things go for the Blues from here. Jose Mourinho has already said that coaching teams without resources, like Malaga, isn’t for him. He’s about spending money, and working with the best players. Is he really willing to put his ego behind him and come work for Abramovich again, under certain terms?

There’s always PSG, but it looks like Carlo Ancelotti will be offered an extension, as long as the richest team in the world stays on top of Ligue 1. There’s no real cohesion or sense of a team coming together there at the moment, but Zlatan Ibrahimovic is enough to overcome those problems, hoping that the same thing that’s happened at City, which is some sort of identity actually coming together, will happen in the French capital.

Mourinho blames the world for his failure to win the La Liga in two out of his three seasons with Real Madrid. Things can happen, but they probably won’t this season. Even when he takes the blame on himself, he finds a way to jab his players and the Spanish FA, UEFA, UNICEF, Barcelona and whoever else is in his way. His behavior works better with the English press, with a¬†nouveau riche team and fans that doesn’t mind winning regardless of the style, and doesn’t mind their manager or individuals becoming greater than the club itself.