Josh Smith, The Worst Three Point Shooter in NBA History

Josh Smith

Are the Detroit Pistons still pleased they gave Josh Smith a big deal to sign him off free agency? Considering their record and his awful, on historic levels bad shooting numbers, there are probably one or two people unhappy with the choice.

Right now, Josh Smith has attempted an incredible 155 3-point shots in 42 games. That’s just under 3.7 shots from beyond the arc per game. There are 73 players this season who have played 21 games or more and are attempting at least 3.6 shots from beyond the arc per game. Only four of them are shooting below 30%, but Josh Smith, at 23.9% is worst than everybody.

The thing about Smith is that he’s on pace to take 300 3-pointers this season give or take. Out of the 667 players to attempt that many shots in a season, only 17, in all of NBA history, have shot worse than 30% from beyond the arc. Here as well, Smith is the worst of the worst, and not just by a fraction.

Player Season Team 3-point Percentage
Josh Smith (proj) 13-14 Detroit 23.9
Antoine Walker 03-04 Dallas 26.9
Mookie Blaylock 97-98 Atlanta 26.9
Antoine Walker 06-07 Miami 27.5
Latrell Sprewell 94-95 Golden State 26.6
Allen Iveson 02-03 Philadelphia 27.7
Jerry Stackhouse 01-02 Detroit 28.7
Monta Ellis 12-13 Milwaukee 28.7
Jason Williams 99-00 Sacramento 28.7
Jason Williams 01-02 Memphis 29.5
Corey Brewer 12-13 Denver 29.6
Michael Adams 90-91 Denver 29.6
Joe Johnson 10-11 Atlanta 29.7
Gilbert Arenas 10-11 Total 29.7
Jerry Stackhouse 96-97 Philadelphia 29.8
Vernon Maxwell 93-94 Houston 29.8
Damon Stoudamire 97-98 Total 29.9
Paul Pierce 03-04 Boston 29.9

Since this season began it’s easy to see that the 3-big man idea in Detroit isn’t working. Smith isn’t suited to play on the permieter, which isn’t stopping him from taking bad shots, making a career low 40.8% from the field. It doesn’t matter that the Pistons have changed their approach and Smith gets more minutes at the power forward position: He’s still opting to take bad shots, and the coaching staff in Detroit hasn’t been able to change anything about his destructive approach on offense.

Hat tip: Detroitbadboys