Kaka Transfer Rumors – Arsenal, Manchester United & AC Milan Trying to Sign Him


It’s no secret that Kaka wants out of Real Madrid, but the details about his demands, his price and the teams that are actually willing to sign him remain quite murky. Latest reports suggest that his former club, AC Milan, is among the suitors, while Manchester United and Arsenal are both ready to take a chance on the Brazilian.

However, these suggestions are coming from AS, which means they might not be true at all. The Brazilian, who is making almost €10 million a season, is reportedly looking for a salary that isn’t too far from what he’s making right now, which would make it impossible for any team willing to take him on to actually sign him.

Kaka is probably leaning towards Milan, but they’ve proven in the past that it’s very difficult for them to find the amount of money that the player or Real Madrid are asking for. It’s one thing breaking the piggy bank in order to sign someone young like Mario Balotelli, who has been scoring non-stop since joining the club. It’s another signing someone who was the best player in the world six years ago, and has taken huge steps backwards ever since.

The money Premier League clubs can offer to Kaka is greater, while there’s also an Italian club that’s not been mentioned in name that’s also thinking about signing Kaka. Inter? Napoli? Maybe Juventus, who missed out on the Brazilian a very long time ago? Hard to believe, especially with Kaka not fitting their tactical scheme.

Maybe a name like Kaka will be able to take the pressure off Arsene Wenger. He’s talking about not finding quality players, but he has added Yaya Sanogo and Flamini to the squad on a free transfer, and it’s hard to agree that both of them actually improve the squad. Kaka might be another player who doesn’t really upgrade the squad, but his transfer fee might justify his signing, and become an excuse to those criticizing Wenger for not doing anything in the transfer window.

Manchester United aren’t feeling fan pressure. Maybe Moyes is feeling some heat from the media for being idle, too idle so far. Yet Kaka just doesn’t seem like something that will give the team the improvement they need specifically for the Champions League, and him being linked to the club a year ago doesn’t change a thing. Kaka wants to leave, but there aren’t good enough conditions for him to find a new team at the moment, although that can change very quickly.

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