Kansas City Chiefs – Worst Team in the NFL, Pro Bowl Masters

How does a team tied for the worst record in the NFL last season get so many players into the Pro Bowl? Injuries, luck and who knows what else. What is a fact is that the Kansas City Chiefs become the first team ever to send six players into the Pro Bowl despite winning less than six games during the regular season, in fact only two.

Justin Houston, a linebacker, replaced Von Miller from the Denver Broncos, joining two more Chiefs’ LBs in the season-ending exhibition game nobody wants anymore, Derrick Johnson (2nd Pro Bowl) and Tamba Hali (2nd Pro Bowl) as well, making it to the big game on his second season in the NFL. Eric Berry, a safety, who didn’t have a great season, made the Pro Bowl for the second time as well, along with Jamaal Charles (running for 1509 yards), making it for the second time, and punter, reaching the game for the first time.

This might mean a few things – Maybe Andy Reid doesn’t have such a tough job ahead of him, if he can only find a quarterback. The Chiefs’ defense wasn’t so bad last season, and they weren’t awful in pass protection as well. There’s definitely some pass-rushing talent on the team and the running game has at least one solid back to count on.

It might also mean for the 100th time how meaningless making the Pro Bowl is. It’s half a popularity contest anyway, and all the players from the teams that reach the Super Bowl and late stages of the season don’t come to the game because they’re too banged up, can’t arrive or simply fake an injury to avoid flying to Hawai’i for the worst All-Star experience in all of the four major sports.

It might also mean that the Chiefs are only a quarterback and a head coach away from being a playoff team, which also means what a bad job Romero Crennel did on this 2-14 year. Does Andy Reid still have what it takes to make things better with the limited talented he has under his hands? Pro Bowl selection committee says yes.

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