Kevin Durant Shouldn’t Rank Dwyane Wade Before He Wins an NBA Title

Durant vs Wade

Social media feuds are the way to get under a rival’s skin these days, as Kevin Durant decided he’ll open his mouth about Dwyane Wade and diminish him through ranking the top 10 current NBA players, something he really should have avoided doing.

While an NBA championship isn’t the only thing that defines a player, Kevin Durant is the man who still needs to prove things – that he can be more than just second best, and that he can lead the Oklahoma City Thunder to an NBA title. He was close in 2012, but despite home court advantage, he was just good instead of great while LeBron James and Dwayne Wade took the Miami Heat all the way in five games.

It all began with Kevin Durant holding an online interview with CineSport, saying he disagreed with SI’s ranking of the top 10 players in the NBA. He didn’t elaborate, but he did mention James Harden should be in there instead of Dwyane Wade, who was ranked 8th, with Harden not making their top 10 list.

So Wade got word, and decided to react through Instagram:

Kevin Durant didn’t wait, and reacted through twitter:

Maybe this is just a promotional thing masked by a fictional feud, but Wade and Durant did have their moment during the 2012 NBA finals, although it didn’t seem to malicious or something. Just some trash talking, nothing else.

But if this is for real, Durant should know better. Nothing irks off people more than talented players without the rings to show for it that diss others, especially someone like Wade, who is a three-time NBA champions with a finals MVP.

It’s true that Wade with his current knee situation isn’t a top 10 player, but it’s not Durant’s place to point it out. Talking on the media doesn’t stop you from training hard or playing as well as you would have if you weren’t taking the interview, but sometimes these things can take on a life of their own.

If Durant doesn’t have the best of starts this season, this little incident will be remembered and used against him. Durant still hasn’t felt national-media wrath like the Miami Heat and especially LeBron James have, and endured. Durant had small moments of that coming last season, as his behavior and technical fouls kept piling up, casting an unflattering light on his reactions on the court.

Durant is an excellent player, waiting for the moment James declines so he can become the best in the NBA. But until that day happens, avoiding those who have already beaten him and his team when it matters the most would be a wise course of action.

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