Khan Beats Alexander – The Road to Mayweather Gets Shorter

Khan beats Alexander

Once again Amir Khan has more than proved his worth in the Welterweight division, retraining his WBC title belt with an impressive unanimous decision win over the fading Devon Alexander, which might be the victory that finally lands him the fight he’s been looking for these last three years: Floyd Mayweather.

Khan was too fast and powerful for Alexander, winning the fight convincingly according to the eye test and the ringside scoring (119-109, 118-110, 120-108). Khan landed a very impressive 43% of his thrown punches compared to just 20% by Alexander, winning the volume department as well. Alexander never looked close to hurting him, and was trying to push off the 28-year old, who seems to be hitting his peak form at the perfect time.

I just fought a three-time world champion and proved myself to be a force at 147 pounds. I think I’m getting better with age. I’m better than I was at 26 and now just starting to hit my peak at 28. I work very hard and put on one of my best performances. I feel like I proved to everyone that I deserved that Mayweather fight. Devon gave me a great fight but I worked my jab and I listened to what Virgil Hunter taught me. I believe I have the best and quickest jab in the sport. 

Khan has now won his last four fights, improved to 30-3 with 19 knockouts and is also a very impressive 7-0 against Southpaws. Oscar De La Hoya, Khan’s promoter, is working that angle hard as well.

So now I know why Mayweather doesn’t want to fight him. He was brilliant. I wouldn’t have fought him. He is hitting his peak just now. He looked incredible. I have a feeling Mayweather will think twice now of fighting Amir Khan. He showed focus, speed, angles, balance; he fought almost a perfect fight with a southpaw, which is very complicated. I thought his performance was great. He had a 9.9 out of 10. He would venture off the game plan and come right back. This fight proves he can step up and move up to the next level of competition.

The pressure for Mayweather to accept an Amir Khan fight will now be greater than ever. It’ll be a perfect excuse for him to avoid yet again a fight with Manny Pacquiao. Khan himself has been avoiding fighting Kell Brook, the IBF Welterweight champion in what would be a massive Brit vs Brit fight. Just like Timothy Bardley did his best to avoid Khan back in the 140 category. But the chance to fight Mayweather slipped from him once after two straight losses to Lamont Peterson (who cheated and enjoyed a very favorable referee in his hometown) and to Danny Garcia.

Amir Khan has been gunning for Floyd Mayweather for quite some time. Among all potential rivals, he’s probably the best and with the most impressive record excluding Manny Pacquiao. While he can get his fight against Kell Brook any time and make it a huge spectacle for British boxing, he can face Brook any time. Lose to Brook, who is undefeated in 33 fights, and the Mayweather option once again slips out of his hands.

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