Kings vs Heat – LeBron James With Plenty of Reasons to Celebrate

LeBron James Dunk

The Miami Heat seem to always thrive when they’re playing against the Sacramento Kings. The latest edition of the “rivalry” was no different, as LeBron James grabbed most of the attention with a vicious dunk that simply destroyed Ben McLemore and later on with yet another version of the team’s famous photobomb sessions, this time using Dwyane Wade as a prop.

The Heat came away with the 122-103 win, making it 10 in a row against the Kings, scoring 100 or more points in each game. That’s actually not the longest winning streak while scoring 100 points or more in each win right now in the NBA, as the Atlanta Hawks have the same thing going on, also with the Sacramento Kings, winning their last 12.

Poor Ben McLemore. First the trade rumors as the first round rookie is finding it difficult to be an efficient and consistent player in the NBA. Now comes this, as LeBron James simply runs all over him en route to a dunk that will make its highlight and youtube rounds, joining previous dunks on John Lucas III (well, over is more accurate) or the one from last season against Jason Terry. At least McLemore got a short stare down, nothing else.

James was actually the lowest scorer in the Heat’s big three, finishing with 18 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists, as the Heat didn’t need much of him in the fourth quarter after big leads opening up in the second and third quarters. Chris Bosh led the team scoring 25 points, followed by Dwyane Wade with 20. Mario Chalmers and Ray Allen had very big nights, as Allen scored 18 off the bench and Chalmers finished with 16.

The Kings got some nice offense going from their starting players, but it wasn’t something that kept them in the game, or happened while things were still close. Demarcus Cousins continues putting up huge numbers, this time scoring 27 points, but it has nothing to do with his team’s ability, almost like he’s operating in a vacuum. Ben McLemore scored 20 points, hitting four 3-pointers, but what most people will remember is him on the floor after James dunking on him.

The Heat are using these games to give role players a bit more playing time. Guys like Rashard Lewis, who might come in handy later on. Michael Beasley is injured, Greg Oden is shut down for now. The Heat will shorten the rotation when the playoffs come, and for now are managing to do quite well despite having a slightly shorter squad than in the same time last year.

Dwyane Wade

For the Kings, it seems this team isn’t sure whether it’s tanking or trying to do its best. Acquiring Rudy Gay isn’t about the future, it’s about the now, only things aren’t working out that great, with individual pieces not really coming together. The now doesn’t look too good for them, as the excitement from being able to keep the team in California withers away, and all that’s left is dysfunctional team.

For the Heat, no one is thinking about the future as well, one of the few in the East with something to play for and not already thinking about next season. Games like this aren’t the true test of a championship team, especially when compared with their win over the Pacers. However, games like these give them the chance to rest their biggest stars and not lose any standing in the race for home court advantage.

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