LeBron James Giving Prince William Hair Advice Meme

LeBron James giving Prince William advice

There have been plenty of memes in the past making fun of LeBron James and his receding hairline. However, him giving advice to Prince William on how to cover up his bald spot aka using a headband is probably the best one ever made.

LeBron James met the royal couple before and after the Cleveland Cavaliers playing in New York against the Brooklyn Nets. Much has been said of James not following royal etiquette and touching Kate on her shoulder, but this moment of “baldness” brothers caught with the help of some clever writing makes it a lot more epic.

There’s the joke that a “King” like James doesn’t really need to follow etiquette with princes, but the best explanation is that he probably doesn’t really know about it, and the people in front of him don’t care about it all that much. It was a basketball game, not an official dinner at Buckingham Palace.

There’s an American fascination with the Royal Family that’s often mocked and made fun of if not despised in the United Kingdom, but they didn’t seem to be too royal and above the people on their visit to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, meeting with someone a lot more famous than them.

Hat Tip: NBA Memes