LeBron James Hairline Memes Never Get Old

It’s the offseason, so memes popping online from time to time have nothing to do with current events, and more with long running NBA jokes, like the ever changing situation of LeBron James and his hairline.

James might be erasing any bout about his place on all-time list, his legacy and his clutchness. However, one thing people who love to make fun of him will never lose is the jokes that keep on coming about his hair, as in this meme, giving his miraculous hairline recovery a better comeback grade than his and the Cavaliers work in the 2016 NBA finals, coming back from 1-3 down against the Golden State Warriors.

Why does James messing about with his hair and fighting whatever it is that nature handed to him hair-wise? First of all, he’s one of the most famous people on the planet, so it’s hard to miss when a huge forehead turns into a low cut hairline out of the blue, and then changes back to it’s declining state. And as most of us normal humans do, we like to find flaws among the rich & famous. And going bald is simply too good not to at least note on someone as successful as James, especially as he tries to hide it from time to time, or simply alter reality. Kinda like George Costanza, for a short while.

I wonder if Draymond Green uses it in his on court act with James, or other trash talkers deep into hair-jokes reservoir to try and annoy him. Either way, Lance Stephenson doesn’t have a team for now and isn’t really a factor anymore in James’ career trajectory, while Green hasn’t been doing so well ever since he pissed off James in game 4 of the finals, with his most recent f*** up earning quite a few memes on its own.

LeBron James Hairline Meme