LeBron James Hasn’t Stopped Winning Since Draymond Green Called Him a Bitch

Once upon a time, Draymond Green tried to hit LeBron James in the groin. He called James a bitch. Some in the media called James a bitch. The Warriors players defended one of their own and tried to challenge James’ toughness. Skip Bayless, who isn’t a dumb guy, but he stirs up drama for a living, called James a bitch on Twitter.

What happened since? Well, an interesting thing: He won a championship, and is a remarkable 4-0. Green got suspended from game 5 of the 2016 NBA finals after one too many swings at players family jewels, and somehow the Warriors tried to spin it as a conspiracy by the league to keep the series alive.


Green had a bad summer. The Warriors had a bad start to the season. James? He got his championship ring, saw the banner being lifted, and had a delightful time in a breezy win over the New York Knicks to start the season. A bitch? Doesn’t really matter now, but remember that a so-called reporter, whose TV persona hates LeBron James to the bone (not sure if Bayless actually hates him), sank that low.