LeBron James Shouldn’t Care Who Kevin Love Thinks is the MVP

LeBron James, Kevin Love

Does LeBron James care what Kevin Love thinks of the whole MVP race? Probably not, but who knows. Should he care? Of course not. All that matters and should matter is winning a championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Love made some interesting comments this week that will obviously turn into some sort of media angle against James. First came his mention of the relationship between the two, and how they’re fine and nothing more. Then came his interview with Dan Patrick. Love was asked about the MVP award, and said he thinks Russell Westbrook is in the lead right now.

Maybe he’s right. Westbrook is pulling off triple doubles at an alarming pace, although that might be the most overrated “achievement” in basketball, which says nothing about how much you actually helped the team win, and ignores other, possibly more important things. And it’s always good to remember that Love and Westbrook are friends, teammates from their days at UCLA.

And friends? James did help court Love from the Timberwolves and push for the trade to Cleveland, but they don’t have to be friends. They just need to work together well on the court and be decent teammates in a way that doesn’t damage the functionality of the basketball teams.  Friendship is nice, but it’s not the main goal for anyone playing basketball.

I don’t really think too much of it, really. I don’t really get involved in that. I think the voters are going to decide who is the MVP. I think what Russ has been doing, his numbers have been pretty crazy keeping those guys afloat in the West in his play. Steph Curry can make a case, for sure, what he’s been doing — James Harden and myself, as well. So, Kevin has his own opinion of who he believes is the MVP. No one should fault him for that.

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