Arguing Over Lionel Messi & Cristiano Ronaldo Worth Killing For Apparently

Messi Ronaldo Argument

An argument between two Nigerian citizens in Mumbai, India over Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo resulted in the killing of one of them, as the debate turned violent and eventually fatal.

According to local police, 22-year old Nwabu Chukwuma killed his 34-year old friend Obinna Michael Durumchukwa, who was celebrating his birthday. The two were at a rented flat when they began arguing over who was the better soccer player: Messi or Ronaldo.

Durumchukwa threw a glass and Chukwuma, missing him and breaking against the wall. Chukwuma picked up a shard of the glass and in a fit of rage cut his friend’s throat. Neighbours informed the police of the commotion. Chukwuma was arrested on the charge of murder.

Durumchukwa was staying with Chukwuma and other friends in recent months. Both men were without a valid Visa; Durumchukwa’s expired two months ago. Both men were probably intoxicated, celebrating and drinking since the hours of the morning before their fight broke out.

Both Messi and Ronaldo, playing against each other on both side of El Clasico rivals Barcelona and Real Madrid, have been considered the two best players in the world over the last eight years, splitting the last eight Ballon d’Or awards between them.

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