Lionel Messi on Cristiano Ronaldo and Teams Trying to Sign Him

Lionel Messi

It seems that being out injured gives Lionel Messi some time to hand out interviews, and in them he talks about Cristiano Ronaldo, saying there’s nothing surprising about the Real Madrid star being in such fantastic form. He also mentions it’s quite flattering to be on the target list for so many clubs.

We’d love to hear dirt from Messi on Ronaldo and the other way around, but even though there might be some envy, especially coming from the direction of Ronaldo, it’s hard to find anything but respect for each other coming from the two.

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 66 goals in 2013, which means he won’t reach Messi’s astonishing record of 91 goals in 2012, but with 25 goals in 18 matches and his performance for Portugal in the World Cup playoffs, many are calling for him to win the Ballon d’Or for the first time since 2008. Messi doesn’t mention who he thinks deserves to win, but he makes it clear – there’s nothing surprising about Ronaldo being in this kind of scoring form.

Of course I’m pleased that Portugal will be there. The best teams have to be in the competition, because if you want to be the best you have to beat the best. I think it’s good for the World Cup that Cristiano will be there. He’s a great player. Right now everyone’s talking about how well he’s playing, but he’s been playing well for years, both for club and country.

As for himself? Every once in a while certain media powers create and follow an agenda. Recently, there’s been something of a trend to try and see if Lionel Messi can play somewhere else. Stories of clubs making offers for him have risen out of nowhere, and his release clause has been mentioned again and again.

For Lionel Messi, according to him and to most of the people who don’t seem to have a vested interest in the whole Barcelona vs Real Madrid and Messi vs Ronaldo thing, there’s no way he’ll be playing anytime soon for a different club.

I’m honored every time my name is linked to other big clubs. It’s true a lot of teams have shown interest in me, but my position hasn’t changed. This is the football I like and to play at Barcelona has always been my dream. I’m not having a great season so far, but after Christmas, when the toughest part of the calendar arrives, I hope to be ready.

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