Lionel Messi Scored More Than 43 Teams Last Season

Taking into account the top 5 leagues in Europe – Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga and Ligue 1, Lionel Messi scored more than 43 different teams last season. He finished with 46 league goals for Barcelona.

The phenomenon of Messi, and to the same extent, Cristiano Ronaldo, seems to set new records on a weekly basis. We’ve gotten used to the fact that a match without at least two goals is somewhat of an anomaly for the two and especially Messi, who seems to finish just ahead of the Portuguese star every time.

Lionel Messi Chart

It’s hard to compare the scoring of an entire team to just one player and especially in different leagues, but instead of showcasing just how bad some attacks are for plenty of different teams around Europe including clubs that made it to the Champions League and other European competitions like Marseille and Bordeaux, it’s more of an indication of just how special Messi’s scoring numbers are.

And at what point is he exactly? Right now he is at 223 goals for Barcelona in the league. He need 28 more goals to even things up at the top of the scoring charts with Telmo Zarra, who has 251 goals in 277 matches. Considering Messi has already scored 8 goals in 7 league matches this season and 29 matches left to play, it’ll be almost surprising if he doesn’t set a new record for Spanish league goals.

The Champions League record of 71 goals by Raul is going to be beaten by Messi, maybe even this year, although he’s taking it “slow” with only 4 goals in two matches so far. Nine more to go before becoming the all-time leading scorer in that as well.