Liverpool FC, Ending the Drought Take 29: Match #11

After a 1-1 draw in London against Arsenal, Liverpool remain undefeated in the 2018-2019 Premier League season, although this wasn’t too far from being the first of them.

Liverpool took the lead through James Milner in the 61st minute as a Sadio Mane cross was parried poorly by Bernd Leno, who also had some terrific saves off Virgil van Dijk, Liverpool’s best player on the day and frankly, this season. But considering their dominance and created opportunities, Arsenal deserves to score at least once, and terrific work by Alex Iwobi and poor decision making by Allison (not for the first time) allowed Alexandre Lacazette to bag another goal and keep things level until the end.

Liverpool can count themselves a bit unlucky due to Sadio Mane’s goal wrongly being disallowed and Van Dijk hitting the post, but they also had their poor moments in the match – Trent Alexander-Arnold  was at his weakest on the right wing and Fabinho, despite completing the 90 minutes, doesn’t seem like he’s 100% in sync with the rest of his teammates.

Roberto Firmino continues his disappointing season with very little moments of effective playmaking; Mohamed Salah continues to try and do complicated things while often messing up the simple ones; and the same goes for Mane, who drifts between moments of brilliance to messing up comfortable situations. Still, it’s worth to remember he was robbed of a goal in the first half.

Mane also missed a terrific Salah cross by inches in the second half. Liverpool struggled getting their key players up front open in one on one situations. When it did happen, it almost immediately equated into a dangerous opportunity. Arsenal’s defense did a good job for most of the match to double up on each of Liverpool’s front three. Mane handled it better than the others when he got to the ball first.

James Milner
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The draw likely means Liverpool will drift a couple of points apart from Manchester City, and possibly drop to third, if Chelsea win their match as well. Overall, the ability and chances created were enough to pick up a win, but considering Arsenal’s form and this being an away match, a draw isn’t too terrible of a result. The somewhat worrying signs, some new and some already presented this season (Firmino…) are something that does need to be addressed.