Liverpool FC – Iago Aspas Isn’t Going to Last Much Longer

Out of all the signings Liverpool made before this season, right now it seems that Iago Aspas has been the most needless of all, finding it hard to find success in the Premier League. Right now, it’s quite hard even finding some playing time, starting or not.

Aspas started for Liverpool through the first three matches and then again in the 1-0 loss to Southampton, playing either as a striker or behind Sturridge, but didn’t score a single goal. On Liverpoo’s last two appearances, since Luis Suarez came back, he has a total of two minutes, and not even playing on their visit to Sunderland.

Iago Aspas

I’m finding it hard to be a sub at Liverpool having started games in the past few years. When I left Celta Vigo I was aware that to start for Liverpool wasn’t going to be easy. And now the team is winning and we are among the leaders in the Premier League, it’s very hard to get a game. 

Quite a few eyebrows were raised when Liverpool spent £7.7 million on the 25-year old forward from Celta Vigo, who played only one season of La Liga football in his career, scoring 12 goals last season. Maybe it’s the Michu effect: hoping to find a relatively cheap future star on a small Spanish club. It hasn’t really worked out for Aspas so far.

One problem is his position on the pitch, which just comes in the way of players that are better than him. Aspas might be best suited to play as a wide forward, but Liverpool have both Suarez and Sturridge who aren’t classic strikers, and prefer to operate from wider positions. Philippe Coutinho plays on the left side when he’s healthy, and Aspas isn’t very effective when playing behind the striker or as one himself.

I hope to carry on working hard and little by little to get more game time with Liverpool. I want to change the current situation. Now it’s difficult to get in the Spain team because I’m playing less but I’m not worried about that. However, I will try to get in the squad.

Dooming someone a failure so early in his career wouldn’t be very wise. Things can change, and after adapting a bit better to life in England and the Premier League, Aspas might seem like a more sensible purchase. However, right now, unless some injuries derail Liverpoo’ls fantastic start to the season, it’s very hard to see anyone Aspas can knock out of the lineup. Even rotation isn’t much of an option for him, as Liverpool don’t have Europe to worry abotu, andhave already been knocked out of the League Cup.

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