Liverpool FC – Luis Suarez & The Numbers That Don’t Lie

Luis Suarez

Even though Luis Suarez didn’t score a single goal through February, there was no crisis – simply a refocus of his talents to providing for others, while suffering from a bit of bad luck, something all strikers need on their side. Liverpool didn’t lose through that stretch, and it doesn’t seem like him scoring again as he continues to be the number one creator for others as well doesn’t seem to bother them.

Liverpool didn’t have any dramatic moments like they did in their win over Swansea when they paid a visit to Southampton, the only team to beat them at Anfield this season. While it didn’t go completely smooth, Liverpool came away with a dominant 3-0 win, as Suarez scored the opening goal, his first in over a month, reaching 24 this season. Everyone knows that he’s well on his way to finish as the league’s top scorer, unless Daniel Sturridge has something to say about it. The more surprising fact is Suarez also providing more assists than anyone else with 19, also well ahead of the competition.

This puts Suarez with the likes of Ibrahimovic, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Player who are the best on their teams not just because they can score better than anyone else, but also because they create so much for others. Maybe Ronaldo isn’t a good passer like Messi or Ibrahimovic are, and is also inferior in that department to Suarez when it comes to vision or even a willingness to pass, but the similarities are there to notice: The game always flows and goes through these four superstars, who just might be the four best player in football today. Interestingly enough, Ibrahimovic leads Ligue 1 in both goals and assists; Robert Lewandowski leads both categories in Germany as well.

Luis Suarez has taken his game to a whole new level this season, upgrading himself along with Rodgers’ success in improving Liverpool. He missed the first six matches of the season, but Liverpool did well through that with slightly defensive, uneasy on the eyes kind of football. Rodgers has been able to tamper and change (making mistakes along the way) until finding the right tactics and lineup to fit those football ideas of his. Suarez, whether he is a true striker or playing a bit off Sturridge or even on the wing, is at the heart of everything.

While it’s tempting to think about the future, and how does this season change Suarez’ passion to stay with the club, there is still a now to worry about. No European competition or cup tournaments to get in the way: The league, and securing a fourth spot at least, bringing the club back into the Champions League for the first time since 2009.

There are the dreams about winning a championship, as Liverpool remain four points behind Chelsea, while Arsenal keep slipping and Manchester City will have matches to make up due to their matches in other competitions. They are realistic, and will become even more firm if Liverpool continue to pick up points like this (23 points out of the last 27). But it’s the big matches that will determine this title: Away to Manchester United, and three home matches against Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham that seem like will determine whether this magical season from Suarez will also be accompanied with a title.

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