Liverpool FC – Steven Gerrard Can Focus on What’s Important

Steven Gerrard

No more England for Steven Gerrard, only Liverpool. Gerrard isn’t to blame for England not succeeding in the World Cup during the four tournaments he’s been part of the squad, even though the last couple of days have been about diminishing his legacy. In truth, he doesn’t need it. Gerrard, when he steps away from playing football, will be remembered as a Liverpool legend, and his achivements with the club will be enough to etch his name in the history of English football.

And at 34, playing in a different role this past season due to the limitations of age catching up with him, the extra punishment, training, difficulties and pressure of playing with the national team just doesn’t seem to be worth it. Maybe Gerrard has a burn inside of him that calls him to give it all for the national side, just as much as he does for his club. But I doubt it’s the same. I have no doubt it’ll be good for him to play a few matches less each season.

Especially with Liverpool back in the Champions League. Luis Suarez leaves a huge gaping hole. Not just in the attack, but in that metaphorical spot of leadership and having someone to take the match to. Steven Gerrard hasn’t been the man for Liverpool in terms of looking for his brilliance to create something for quite some time, even though he still has his moments, like that assist in the win over Fulham last season.

This is still his team in terms of his influence from the back. From what he says. From what he does. He won’t score most of the goals, and if it isn’t a free kick or corner kick, he probably won’t be the one setting up the scoring as well. And yet without a proper replacement, and there still isn’t someone remotely close capable of doing what Gerrard does on both ends of the pitch, Liverpool need to be thankful that their captain has one less thing to worry about.

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