Liverpool FC – The Season in Postcards

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Whatever the outcome, this has been an amazing season for Liverpool, finding themselves in the thick of the Premier League title race and at the moment, leading the table. It might not end with a title, but this remarkable run has gotten an illustrated postcard treatment that makes looking back at their big wins of the season even better.

And there have been plenty of big moments for Brendan Rodgers and his players. They still haven’t beaten Manchester City or Chelsea, their two title rivals (the ones that remain), but they’ve been hands down the most enjoyable team to watch in the league with 88 goals in 32 matches. Sometimes its through completely destroying opponents, but more than once they’ve conceded quite a lot in wild, defense-less matches.

Liverpool beat Arsenal 5-1 at Anfield on February 8, maybe their biggest win of the season, as a 20 minute blitz saw them leading by four goals while Arsenal’s were pushed further away from their dying champions race. There has been the double win over Tottenham – first the 5-0 thumping at White Hart Lane, with Liverpool making things much worse in the final 15 minutes of the match, scoring three goals. Their most recent win was a 4-0 win at Anfield over Tottenham, beating Spurs with two goals in each half.

Maybe the biggest wins emotionally were the ones against Manchester United. Liverpool beat them 1-0 at the start of the season, when it seemed that all they had in them was one good half before parking the bus for 45 minutes. Daniel Sturridge was on the punishing end that time. But the Old Trafford visit was much more satisfying, with a 3-0 win, Liverpool’s first at the stadium since 2009 with two penalties from Steven Gerrard and a finisher from Luis Suarez.

Beating Everton 4-0 wasn’t that bad either with Sturridge scoring twice while added goals came from Suarez and Gerrard. It’s been a special and exciting season up to this point, and looking back at it through the postcards makes it even cooler.

The artist responsible for these is Dave Williams. Each of the 32 postcards (We included only the ones from the wins) released so far is available to purchase – either individually or as a complete set – by clicking here.