Liverpool FC Transfer Rumors – Luis Suarez Signing New Contract, Not Leaving the Club

Luis Suarez Happy

The twists and turns between Liverpool and Luis Suarez aren’t over yet, and according to reports from Uruguayan reporters, the striker is going to play for the club next season, putting the departure business behind him, and possibly signing a new contract.

According to Martin Charquero, a Uruguayan journalist, who some consider him to be quite close to Suarez, all the talk of joining Arsenal, his rift with Brendan Rodgers and in general his intention to leave the club is off the table. Suarez understands that Liverpool, despite not being pleased with his most recent behavior, aren’t planning on letting him go, and he should try and make the best of the situation he’s in.

It’s hard to be completely sure on the words of one journalist, as respected as he might be in South America, but Arsenal don’t seem like the team that will put up the £50 million necessary to further entice Liverpool into selling Suarez. The first two bids weren’t enough, and a third one might have done the job, but for now, nothing is happening as the focus pulls towards the rift between Rodgers and Suarez.

According to certain assessments, Suarez has had a change of heart, mainly due to the support he’s been given over the last couple of years from the Liverpool fans. Earlier this summer, he spoke to Uruguayan papers and radio shows about his desire to play for a club like Real Madrid, with the titles and Champions League football it involves, but also mentioned that playing at Anfield for the Liverpool fans is a special feeling that is hard to explain.

With Suarez, Liverpool can be a legitimate contender for a Champions League spot, hoping to finish in the top 4 for the first time in five seasons. For all of the signings Rodgers has made (And he isn’t done yet), he currently has only one world class player on his squad, and that is Suarez. It would have been impossible to replace him. Suarez is currently signed on a deal keeping him until 2018.

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