Liverpool FC Twitter Decision Only Helps Antisemitism & Israel Haters

Liverpool Jewish Tweet

The Liverpool Football Club decided to wish its Jewish supporters around the world a happy new year’s (Rosh Hashana) on Twitter but because of the hate spewing, anti-Jewisn and anti-Israeli replies, the club decided to take the post down. By doing so, it only strengthened the voice and cause of antisemitic people, guided by blind hate and villainous propaganda.

The world has more Muslims than Jews. More Arabs than Jews and Israelis. That’s a fact. More people support the hatred towards the Jewish people and the only Jewish nation in the world than there are supporting them. So it makes it easier for organizations and clubs to stay away from extreme Islam (although they’re not the only ones who have something against Jews and Israel) and sometimes, even though Barack Obama is so afraid to say, the not-so extreme factions.

Ramadan Liverpool tweet

Only a couple of months ago, when Ramadan was happening, Liverpool sent out a tweet wishing Ramadan Kareem to their Muslim supporters. It wasn’t taken down. Maybe there were some tweets against Muslims and Arabs, but numbers work. And the outrage against the club had they taken it down for not wanting to help spread hate through replies would have been a hell-storm. When someone deciedes¬†to take down a post about a Jewish holiday, celebrating it?

It serves those whose only purpose is to spread hate from those that in their hearts, whether be it by blindly following false “prophets” or simply tuning in to the wrong set of news broadcasts, have a strong wish for the Jewish state and people to disappear. Maybe Liverpool had a good intention behind their taking down of the post, but it only helped the nasty side of humanity learn that by spewing out hate they’ll get their way.