Liverpool Signing Samuel Eto’o Sounds like a Terrible Idea

Samuel Etoo

The British media has been reporting quite a bit over the last 24 hours reading alleged talks between Liverpool and non-other than Samuel Eto’o, currently without a team. While he does have an impressive record and can still be useful at times, signing him would be a terrible decision.

Yes, Liverpool need some help at striker. Daniel Sturridge and Rickie Lambert at this point isn’t enough for a team that wants to be part of the top four. Fabio Borini? Liverpool are trying to sell him, but for now he’s there. Still, Brendan Rodgers, probably limited by expenditure restrictions, needs to look somewhere else. Anyone but Eto’o.

Eto’o might be part of why Liverpool didn’t win the title last season. On their visit to Stamford Bridge, the Cameroonian striker should have been sent off after less than five minutes for a disgusting challenge on Jordan Henderson. He also fouled Luis Suarez in the penalty box and got away with it. Check again, that just might be Howard Webb’s fault. Luckily for Liverpool Webb has retired.

But back to Eto’o. This isn’t just some player willing to come in and put in some veteran minutes, serving as something of a role player. Eto’o wants to play, and isn’t exactly shy about making demands or afraid of tearing up a dressing room socially if things don’t go his way. He used to be one of the best strikers in the world, but it’s a slippery slope once you’re past a certain age and all you care about is remaining in the game and making money.

Eto’o scored nine league goals for Chelsea last season, 12 in all competitions. He’s not worth the trouble he might bring when things don’t go well for him, and it’s quite easy to predict it won’t be smooth sailing for him at this stage of his career.

Rodgers needs to find another player to go after in order to bolster his strike force, but if the only remaining option is Eto’o, it’s better to rely on what he has or simply his tactical prowess than adding a player who’ll add more negatives than goals to this club.

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