Los Angeles Lakers – Destroyed in City Rivalry; Jeremy Lin Still Not Himself

Clippers vs Lakers

The Los Angeles Clippers are one win away from another sweep in their L.A. rivalry with the Los Angeles Lakers, beating them 106-78 in another poor performance from almost everyone wearing white & purple, first and foremost a terrible Jordan Clarkson while Lin looks to be still short of 100% healthy.

With the loss, the Lakers have now been defeated 56 times this season. That’s a new low for the franchise. The angle Byron Scott is selling to the media is that it’s the players (except for his golden boy Clarkson) fault. If there was ever a head coach who didn’t deserve another season at the job for the work he’s done, it’s Scott, who isn’t just orchestrating a tank, but adding nothing to the few players the Lakers actually want to keep.

Clarkson scored 2 points in 26 minutes of basketball. We’re not going to say he got outplayed by Jeremy Lin, but Scott did give Lin only 17 minutes, in which he scored 6 points. Yet again not something to write about, as the momentum from the post All-Star break period seems to be all but gone. Knowing he’s not going to be here next year doesn’t make Lin seem like he doesn’t care, at least with the things he says. From what we’ve come to know from him over the years in the league, it’s hard to believe he doesn’t.

I don’t fully understand the context or the history of everything between the two organizations, but it doesn’t matter to me that much, to be honest. What happened tonight is definitely not a good feeling, so we want to try to make sure that doesn’t happen again on Tuesday.

The Clippers were having fun in the second half, turning into lob city with Chris Paul throwing up alley-oops for Blake Griffin and others to enjoy. Paul finished with 15 assists and added some trickery to his plays, including going up the court on the fast break while dribbling through the legs of Carlos Boozer on one of the plays.

I’ve already written that the Lakers aren’t really worth writing about anymore, but basketball still goes on for a team that has mysteriously turned into a welcoming mat for pretty much everyone since they beat the Philadelphia 76ers on a buzzer beater from Jordan Clarkson. I’m not saying the players have joined in on the tank, but it does seem that over the last few games they’ve been looking worse than they have all year. Coincidence?

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