Luis Suarez Nutmegs Players More Than Lionel Messi

In an endless list of meaningless statistics, it appears that there’s someone who can beat Lionel Messi at something. When it comes to nutmegs (Kicking the ball through an opponents legs), Luis Suarez of Liverpool is way ahead of the competition when it comes to the top 5 league in European football.

Yes, some people even count that. With Suarez, it seems he tries to do it every chance he get – he never tries to get past the defender, he tries to go through him, using his incredibly quick feet to make the magic happen. It’s not that Lionel Messi doesn’t try this as well, but Messi’s preferred move over the last couple of years is a sweep to the left with defenders chasing him as he creates an angle for a shot.

According to the stat finding mission, Lionel Messi has completed 21 nutmegs this season, putting him at number one in the Spanish La Liga and second in Europe. Luis Suarez, in the less “trickstery” English Premier League, leads the way with 36. Odds are that once Messi hears of this, he’ll probably start catching up and focusing more on humiliating opponents before he goes to score his goals, not wanting to lose a battle for records.

Here’s Messi pulling off his magic, although to the strange sound of Brazilian music…

And here’s Suarez, getting the classier B&W treatment, with much better music…