Man City vs Liverpool – Bad Blood Emerging

It’s just the Carling Cup, but these are two big clubs, and Manchester City’s run of late, loss in the FA Cup to Manchester United and now this loss, at home, to Liverpool, with Steven Gerrard scoring the winning penalty and later arguing with Roberto Mancini regarding Glen Johnson’s two legged tackle.

But it’s pressure, and boiler rooms brings out the worst of men. Roberto Mancini joining the list of managers running against Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson adds to the pressure. Not just to succeed, and bring trophies to attach themselves to the hundreds of millions of pounds spent by club owners.

The physiological battles are already on their way, but they never get better, more bitter and cruel when it comes to the referees, who usually help Manchester United with some hard decision for some reason. The Vincent Kompany red card in the FA Cup match isn’t just enraging for being the wrong decision made by Chris Foy. The African nations cup has taken Kolo and Yaya Toure, and Mancini’s options at Centre back are getting limited.

Losing at home for the second straight match was too much to bear. He and Gerrard got into two very heated arguments during the match and also later on in the tunnel, mostly due to Johnson’s challenge, which like Kompany’s, didn’t hurt anyone, but looked rather dangerous, flying in with two feet.

Steven Gerrard can say what he wants. I said what I think. That is what I am used to doing. It is not important what Steven Gerrard or the other players have said. It was worse. This tackle was worse. Gerrard came to me and said I said something. It was not for Johnson. It is for the tackle. This tackle was worse than Vinny’s. Everyone can see it.

Obviously, Steven Gerrard saw it a little differently – I’m surprised at Mancini. He had a go at Wayne Rooney trying to get one of his players sent off at the weekend, and now he is trying to get one of our players into trouble – I don’t think that’s right.

If we’re talking about consistency, and lets say the Kompany deserved that red card, than so did Glen Johnson. Just our thought of wisdom for the day.

In the uglier said of the post match events was Samir Nasri being chased down by two idiots, supposedly Liverpool fans, just to tell him what they think of him, getting Nasri to give out a poor, pathetic reply.