Manchester City Giving the Title Away to Chelsea

Chelsea FC

Just when we thought this Premier League season was going to get interesting, Manchester City find another way to give Chelsea a chance to extend their lead on top of the Premier League table to seven points, making it now almost impossible to catch up.

Don’t believe Jose Mourinho. He might say that it doesn’t make him feel confident about his title winning prospects, but this is Chelsea’s title to lose. They’re not the little horse in this race, they’ve never been underdogs. They’re not playing brilliant football anymore; they haven’t been since the second month of this season. But their slip ups have been few and far between. Manchester City managed to close the gap once. They don’t look capable of doing it again.

Manuel Pellegrini refuses to blame this on Yaya Toure not playing. Well, he’s right. Toure not playing has nothing to do with his team once again finding ways to turn a perfectly winnable game into a massive effort to equalize late in the match just because of another idiotic mistake by his defense.

We’re going to hear plenty from Mourinho in regards to the title not being over. But don’t believe him, like 90% of what comes out of his mouth. Chelsea can be crowned as Premier League champions, because there’s nothing really standing in their way anymore. And even if they do lose once or twice in the near future, Manchester City have proven more than once or twice they’re not good enough to capitalize on those mishaps.

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