Manchester United Transfer Rumors – Wayne Rooney Now Getting a New Contract

When a transfer saga ends with a player staying at the club he wanted to leave, a new contract is usually whipped up. Despite his desire to depart from Old Trafford and Manchester United, Wayne Rooney isn’t going anywhere, and is ready to show everyone just how good and important he is, while also enjoying a brand new contract.

Rooney’s deal doesn’t end until 2015, so there’s no real rush of getting a deal done right now. And yet, with his desire to find a new club to play for popping up every once in a while, maybe securing him until a time where he’s no longer such a hot commodity or letting go of him won’t be such a loss is the right course of action.

Wayne Rooney Man U

The Telegraph are suggesting that just like in 2010, when Rooney some sort of “transfer tantrum” that eventually saw him patch things up (for a while) with Alex Ferguson and sign a new contract, keeping him at the club until he’s 30, Rooney’s behavior and push for an exit might reward him with a new deal that simply keeps him until retirement, or close to it at least, with the club.

Rooney is one of the highest paid players in the world, making £15.6 million a season. This would mean there’s a good chance that with a current extension, some sort of pay rise will come as well, even if he’s not actually supposed to get any better in the next few years. Rooney is turning 28 in a month, and it’s usually downhill – gradually or really really fast, from that point for most athletes and soccer players included.

But United need to show Rooney they are committed to him, and not just by not selling him. Not securing a new deal will lead to questions in January, and next summer as well. David Moyes already made one big mistake by telling everyone that Rooney is going to play second fiddle to Robin van Persie.

Rooney is just as important and good as Van Persie, and with a stagnant start to the season and an unimpressive performance in the transfer market, signing Rooney on a new deal to keep him completely focused on the team and on putting them back on track, vicariously saving Moyes’ job, should be on top of their business list at the moment.

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