Manchester United Not Giving Up the Chase After Arturo Vidal

Arturo Vidal

A summer of change for Manchester United, focused mainly on improving their defense and midfield. They’ve been going after a number of players who seem to be alluding them, including Arturo Vidal of Juventus, that reports in Italy suggest might cost them at least €40 million.

Tuttosport are reporting that Juve, the Italian champions of the last three years with Vidal playing a major role in that success, just like he did for Chile in the World Cup, will be looking for greater compensation. They’ve been making quite an effort to keep things intact since Antonio Conte stepped down and Masimiliano Allegri took over. They message they’ve been trying to send is that it’s all business as normal, and they aren’t a selling club.

Paul Pogba isn’t going to PSG, at least not yet. They have plans for the young French midfielder, and they don’t see any reason to sell Vidal either. Maybe Juventus don’t have the money to compete with the Premier League clubs or the likes of Real Madrid who made an honest effort to sign Vidal last season but failed, but they’re a club in a good financial situation, and with aspirations to find themselves among the giants of European football once again.

Manchester United, obviously, don’t really care about that. They’ve been digging deep into their pockets with Luke Shaw and Ander Herrera already joining. Mats Hummels is also a candidate, just like he has been for Barcelona for nearly two seasons. Jurgen Klopp has announced that both Hummels and Reus aren’t for sale.

The Red Devils didn’t sign Louis van Gaal on as manager to start a slow, patient rebuilding process. Some of their fans might be proud of some fake sense of “built, not bought” like Manchester City, but they’re not differing from Chelsea or the current Premier League champions with their attempts to sign players this offseason, probably overpaying for each of their signings so far and not seeming too afraid to keep on spending huge amounts of money to try and erase the shame of last season under David Moyes.

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