Manchester United Transfer Rumors – Marouane Fellaini, Daniele De Rossi, James McCarthy, Luka Modric & Ander Herrera All Potential Signings

We’re in September, which means there are less than 48 hours for clubs to complete their transfer business. The pressure on Manchester United to bring someone, anyone, is quite great, and the list of names currently on the shortlist include Marouane Fellaini, Daniele De Rossi, James McCarthy, Luka Modric and Ander Herrera.

Right now, the first order of business for the club is getting a good result from their Northwest derby match against Liverpool, but from that moment it’s going to be a frantic race to try and get their hands on someone.

Marouane Fellaini

Fellaini has been the most popular connection this summer, but it seems United aren’t willing to spend the £25 million necessary to sign him. Everton have rejected combined bids for him and Gareth Bale three times so far, and it looks like United will have to settle for just one of them. However, they still haven’t met the price Everton are demanding, which means it’s nowhere close to being finished, even though there are reports coming from Belgium via Sport Wereld that the two sides are very close to coming to an agreement.

Ander Herrera is another player that there’s been an official approach for, with United offering £25 million that Athletic Bilbao rejected. The Basque midfielder has a release clause worth €36 million, but United have yet to trigger it.

The rest is a little bit more far fetched. United shouldn’t have a problem signing James McCarthy, but for £15 million, he might be grossly overpriced, and he simply might not be good enough for a club that has aspirations that go beyond being good in the local league.

Daniele De Rossi? There’s no doubt that he has sufficient quality to improve United, even at his age. He shouldn’t even be too expensive considering Roma are trying to get rid of pretty much everyone in a clearance sale that is getting rid of every player that had anything to do with some sort of success over the last few years except for Francesco Totti.

Luka Modric, at the moment, seems to be someone’s wish, but Real Madrid have made no indication of letting him go, and it seems that he’ll cost something United aren’t willing to pay in any case.

Prediction? United do end up with a player, but it’ll feel like they could have done more, and gotten someone better considering the amount of time they had to secure a signing that eventually took a panic rush to sign.

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